Camp COVID-19 Guidelines

Camp Covid Guidelines addendum. PDF here

DJCamp will abide by all the Updated Policies and COVID Guidelines instituted for DJ Preschool.
See Updated Policies and COVID guidelines HERE

WAIVER: Read all updates, sign the waiver and send it back 

Protocol to attend DJ Camp this summer

  1. You MUST confirm your desire to be in camp with your completed registration form by March 31. Acceptance will be on a first come first serve basis with full-day, full summer, children accepted first.
  2. Classes and age groups will be determined based on registration.
  3. A waiting list will be created if we have over the regulated number of children registered and we will create another class if feasible.
  4. You MUST make your first payment by June 7 (2 weeks prior to camp) The remaining payments will be made on a biweekly basis with your credit card on file.
  5. A Mandatory ZOOM meeting with parents of all families coming to camp will be held prior to the start of camp. DTBA
  6. You MUST read the Updated Policies and Guidelines to return to camp.
  7. You MUST sign and return the waiver before June 7th
  8. You MUST read the camp addendum below.


This is an addendum to the DJP Updated Policies and Guidelines
This is in addition to those rules and regulations and are specific to Summer camp.
You must read both and sign waiver

Due to the limited number of children, we are allowed per class and the increase of expenses due to corona regulations, the following has been implemented for summer camp. 

  • All children must register for the whole summer. If there is sufficient enrollment we will allow for weekly registration.
  • No monies will be reimbursed if you choose to leave early or for absences or tardiness
  • Children who are registering for a full day are first on the list
  • Once those spots are full, half-day children will be accepted.
  • Once the class fills up, a waiting list will be created to see if we have enough to open another class.
  • As long as the camp is running per CDC and DCF guidelines, no refunds will be given due to a child’s illness and or inability or change of mind to attend camp.
  • We have the right to cancel camp at any time due to new health updates or guidance from CDC or DCF or our medical and legal board. 
  • If we cancel or close camp due to the above, you will be reimbursed for the remainder of the time, less 10 percent to help us cover costs
  • If camp is temporarily closed due to covid19 in a staff member or child – we will close for the recommended number of days without reimbursement or adding days to the end of the summer.
  • We will NOT do zoom/virtual camp at that time.  
  • Camp fees must be prepaid every two weeks or paid in full at the start of camp
  • We are not adding additional COVID 19 surcharges  
  • At this time LUNCH and afternoon SNACK are NOT included in the fees.
  • Lunch and afternoon snack is additional $7 per day

Water play

  • We will have water play
  • All water toys will be disinfected daily and between classes

Yoga, Martial Arts & Super Soccer will take place physically in our space.